El Público,  The Audience and Le Public / Het Publiek are three films about a theatre audience and the city they live in. They’re also about theatre pieces that we only get to know through the narration of it.

The starting point of both films is the same: there’s an audience who goes to see a play in a Theatre. The audience takes their seats before the show starts, reading the hand programme, chatting to each other.

The theater piece starts but we don’t see it.
There’s an elipsis.
We see the audience leaving the Theater right after the show ends. Apparently the piece they saw was amazing, an extremely complex performance about a hidden real story in the city’s recent history. Everyone in the audience is moved because of what they saw.

We follow different people leaving the Theater. We will see the stories of those 11 people during the 24 hours after they see the theater piece and to what extent that play affected their lives.
Each story is a short film.

The personal stories from the audience are very diverse and they have a variety of conflicts, there’s some stories with a strong plot and others that are more focused on the everyday life. But at some point all of them talks with other person about the theater piece they saw and we didn’t. They all tell a different scene from the play.
By following their stories and by listening their storytelling about the piece the real audience can reconstruct the theater play the fictional audience saw.

Which are the stories of the people who goes together to see a theater piece? How much their lives are transformed by that experience? In which meassure what they saw is modified by their memories? How it is to became a character in your own city? Which effect produces to transform an audience into protagonists?

Script and Direction: Mariano Pensotti
Art Director: Mariana Tirantte
Music: Diego Vainer
Cinematography/DOP: María Soledad Rodríguez
Artistic Production: Florencia Wasser
Direction Assistance: Agustín Gagliardi

THE AUDIENCE  was commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi.
EL PUBLICO is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires and Grupo Marea

Le Public/Het Publiek is commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts in coproduction with Wrong Men, Théâtre des Martyrs and Shelter prod.  

Full credits The Audience
Script and Direction: Mariano Pensotti / Scenography and Costumes: Mariana Tirantte / Music: Diego Vainer / Artistic Production: Florencia Wasser / Photography Direction: Soledad Rodríguez / Direction Assistance: Agustín Gagliardi Playwright / Casting Director: Theodora Kapralou
Cast: Periklis Moustakis, Anna kalaitzidou, Mary Mina, Kariofylia Karabeti, Panagiotis Exarcheas, Ioanna Kolliopoulou, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Lefteris Giakoumakis, Stergios Ioannou, Ilektra Nikolouzou, Kimon Kourzadykisalkisaliyah, Zhoukisalkisaliyah Zhifazelorasaliyah, Kimon Kourisadiakaluzelorasiki, Zhirisadisalkouzelorasiki, Ilektra Nikolouzou. Riga, Iro Bezou, Αιneias Tsamatis, Aris Mpalis, Kostas Berikopoulos, Tomohiro Watanabe / Curator: Katia Arfara / Producers: Dimitra Dernikou, Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
Art Director: Lucas Economopoulos / Costumes: Lita Kokkonari / Executive Production: George Tsitsas / Sound Engineer: Dinos Kittou / Theater Technical Director: Lefteris Karabilas / Deputy Technical Director: Phil Hills / Production: Despina Sifniadou / Assistant Theater Director : Reveka Stamou / Production Assistance: Nikitas Vasilakis / Script Collaboration: Mara Pescio / Editing: Agustín Rolandelli / Sound Design: Nahuel Palenque / Color :: SIE7ECOLORES (Guido Tomeo, Lucio Bonelli)

The Audience is commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi

Full credits El Público
Script and Direction: Mariano Pensotti / Art Direction: Mariana Tirantte / Music: Diego Vainer / General Production: Florencia Wasser, Grupo Marea
Photography Direction: Soledad Rodríguez / Direction Assistance: Agustín Gagliardi / Cast: Luis Ziembrowski, Antonio Ziembrowski, Agustina Muñoz, Javier Drolas, Lena Pensotti Pescio, Lisandro Rodriguez, Guillermo Wasser, Julián Ponce Campos, Diego Velazquez, Min Chen, Ignacio Huang , Shang Min Lee, Maximiliano Totake, Juan Minujin, Guillermo Arengo, Tomás Castaño, María Cottet, Patricio Aramburu, Marcelo Mariño, Susana Pampin, Claudio Mendez, Jorge Dubatti, Lorena Vega, Juan Barberini, Horacio Acosta, Natalí Lipski, Sofia Palomino, Agustín Gagliardi, Martín Feldman, Jose Ansaldo, Valentina Ansaldo, Walter Jacob, Juliana Muras, Pablo Seijo, Pablo Lugones, Walter Jacob, Manuel Attwell, Yamil Zeid, Horacio Parisotto, Moussa Dieng Son of the Drum, Pilar Gamboa, Julián Larquier, Claudio Barbieri , Vanesa Maja, Gregorio Barrios, Gaby Ferrero, Sebastián Chávez, Juliana Oubel, Silvia Villazur. Sound Direction: Hernán Severino / Alejo Moguilansky Edition / Production Manager: Martín Feldman / Second Direction Assistance: Camila Albertocchi / Sound Assistance: Lara Baldino / Production Assistance: Lautaro Canavesio / FIBA ​​Production Team: Antonella Schiavoni, Estefanía Piotrkowski / Editing assistance: Miguel de Zuviría / Art assistance: Sofía Eliosoff, Romina Santorzola, Lucía Furman / Camera assistance: Santiago Mouriño / Gaffer: Sandra Grossi / Electric: Martían Casas / Sound post-production: Hernán Severino / Color: Diego Burlando / Post-Production Coordination: Agustín Gagliardi / Subtitles: Copia Cero

El Publico is a co-production between GRUPO MAREA and the Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA).

Full credits Le Public/Het Publiek
Script and Direction: Mariano Pensotti
Music: Diego Vainer
Art Concept: Mariana Tirantte
Artistic Production: Florencia Wasser
Director of Photography: Soledad Rodriguez
Assistant Director: Agustin Gagliardi
Cast: Alexandra Oppo, Sophie Dewulf, Kateljine Verbeke, Tiuku Deplus, Maëva Nicol, Tom Adjibi, Johan Leysen, Hervé Piron, Marie Christine Baeyens, Quentin Minon, Martin Verset, Matteo Salamone, Amine Hamidou, Jeanne Brochen, Stéphanie Van Vyve, Christophe Sermet, Maialen Arrano, Karin Lechner, Manon Delauvaux, Juan Martinez, Rafael Espinel, Daniel Felipe Lopez Perez, Aran Bertetto, José Besprovany, Karim Chihab
Editor: Alejo Moguillansky / Miguel de Zuviría
Editor Asistance in Brussels: Maxime Jauret
Sound Postproduction: Nahuel Palenque
Color Postproduction & DCP: SiE7ECOLORES
Colorists: Guido Tomeo – Lucio Bonelli
Post Production Coordinator: Martín Larrea
Production Manager: Maëva Nicol
Production Assistant: Hugo Pennequin
Administrator: Daphné Vande Walle
Production trainee: Clarisse Lefebvre
Script Supervisor: Lara El Nemer
2nd Assistant Director: Pierre Truong Tan Trung
Casting Director: Michaël Bier
1st Assistant camera: Matteo Robert Morales
2nd Assistant camera: N’Garé Falise
Gaffer: Angel Paredes
Electrician: Titien Velut, Vincent Nouguier
Key Grip: Arnaud Berghmans
Sound engineer: David Ferral
Boom Operator: Gianluca Kegelaert
2nd Boom Operator: Nathan Foucray
Art Director: Guillaume Orain Audooren
Props Master: Valentin Buyse
Costume Master: Prunelle Rulens Dit Rosier
Costume trainee: Maud Bargiacchi
Make-up Master: Tiuku Deplus
Location Manager: Xavier Farina
Assistant location manager: Michel Sallustio
Location manager trainee: Thomas Dequidt, Jeremy Van Diest

Le Public/Het Publiek is commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts in coproduction with Wrong Men, Théâtre des Martyrs and Shelter prod.