An experience about registers of the pass of time.
Three persons who were born the same day of the same month of the same year: the 8th of July.
An actor, a flight attendant from Aerolineas Argentinas and a housewife, all of them born exactly the same date.
Which similarities are in their life? Which differences?

For the performance, the actor has to record in video during one year the woman who was born the same day than him. The woman register events that happens to her during the nine months that last her pregnancy. The flight attendant paints a painting each month of the Delta landscape, where he lives.
How did you imagine your life was supposed to be? How do you imagine is going to be in ten years?

Alicia Francini
Silvio Francini
Alfredo Martín
Maria Rosa Pfeiffer

Dramaturgy & Direction: Mariano Pensotti y Beatriz Catani.
Set desing: Monica Van Asperen
Light desing: Gonzalo Córdova
Video: Mariano Pensotti
Artistic assistance: Paula Travnik

The 8 of July was premiered in 2002 at Teatro Sarmiento. It was part of the Biodrama.