Three lonely men inside a launderette. Three men who sometimes talk, sometimes sing, sometimes don’t know what to do with their lives. A man who obliged his wife to sleep with his father, another who, as a child, was forced by the girls from next door to make a porn movie, another who finds in a song the way of telling the story of his life.
An strange musical about masculine anguish.
Some men are like little boys. Some men are like blind little boys. Some men are like blind little boys watching a show of fireworks.
The play lasts the time it takes to wash a basket of dirty clothes.

The play is the result of the joint work of actors Carlos Casella, Juan Minujín and Guillermo Arengo, and directors Ana Frenkel and Mariano Pensotti. Departing from the idea of investigating certain commonplaces about masculinity by means of a crossover of artistic genres including dance, theatre, literature and music, the play is centered around the construction of a peculiar world imbued with humour and solitude.

Idea: Ana Frenkel, Mariano Pensotti, Guillermo Arengo, Carlos Casella y Juan Minujin.
Direction: Ana Frenkel y Mariano Pensotti
Music: Diego Vainer
Set design: Ariel Vaccaro
Light desing: Gonzalo Cordova
Production: Paula Baró
Assistant director: Juliana Piquero

Guillermo Arengo
Carlos Casella
Juan Minujin

Sucio was premiered at Konex in Buenos Aires in May 2007. It was presented during 2007, 2008 and 2009 at Konex and El Cubo.
In Januray 2009 was presented at Festival Santiago a Mil in Santiago de Chile.