Project Description


“El Público” and “The Audience” are two films about a theatre audience and the city they live in. They’re also about theatre pieces that we only get to know through the narration of it.

The starting point of both films is the same: there’s an audience who goes to see a play in a Theatre. The audience takes their seats before the show starts, reading the hand programme, chatting to each other.

The theater piece starts but we don’t see it.
There’s an elipsis.
We see the audience leaving the Theater right after the show ends. Apparently the piece they saw was amazing, an extremely complex performance about a hidden real story in the city’s recent history. Everyone in the audience is moved because of what they saw.

We follow 11 persons leaving the Theater. We will see the stories of those 11 people during the 24 hours after they see the theater piece and to what extent that play affected their lives.
Each story is a short film.

The personal stories from the audience are very diverse and they have a variety of conflicts, there’s some stories with a strong plot and others that are more focused on the everyday life. But at some point all of them talks with other person about the theater piece they saw and we didn’t. They all tell a different scene from the play.
By following their stories and by listening their storytelling about the piece the real audience can reconstruct the theater play the fictional audience saw.

For the presentation, the first 8 short films are exhibited in a real cinema (or in a venue that works as a projection space). At the end of the 8th short film the audience is invited to leave the cinema and to follow a group of live musicians. The musicians plays the same musical leit motiv that was heard during the last short film.

The audience is guided by the musicians through the near by streets of the city.
Many of the stories of the short films took place in the same neigborhood where the cinema is located. While walking following the musicians the audience will pass through several of the locations portraited in the films.

The musicians and the audience finally arrive to a near by Theater. Is the place where the fictional audience saw the theater piece at the beginning. The audience is invited to get into the place.
In the Theater we see the final 3 short films.

Which are the stories of the people who goes together to see a theater piece? How much their lives are transformed by that experience? In which meassure what they saw is modified by their memories? How it is to became a character in your own city? Which effect produces to transform an audience into protagonists?

 Script and Direction: Mariano Pensotti
Art Director: Mariana Tirantte
Music: Diego Vainer
Cinematography/DOP: María Soledad Rodríguez
Artistic Production: Florencia Wasser
Direction Assistance: Agustín Gagliardi

THE AUDIENCE  was commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi.
EL PUBLICO is a coproduction between Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires and Grupo Marea